Avitar Tech Int’l Group Inc. is one of the automobile companies in supplying of vehicle electronics parts & accessories.
It was established since 2001. 
Due to Bio-techs are changing more necessary and close our life gradually for the past years.  The vision is to create the Taiwan's brand “Juying” combined with the R & D center who owns 35 years bio experiences and ISO certificated had resonated.
We are strict selecting the best pure natural material plant with high stable quality from global world import to our laboratory in Taiwan. Then combine the oriental traditional theory – Five basic essence of the earth - Wood, Fire, Soil, Gold, Water with the latest western top biotechnology. Wake up the skin repair ability from body inner to surface. Natural herb aromatherapy could make skin relax, encourage, nourish, repair. Strengthen tight with moisturizing. Preserve spring and bright.
None of the scented “Juying” products are with DEHP (i.e. DBP, DINP, DIDP, BBP or DNOP),
Harmful heavy metals (As, Pd, Hg, Cd, Cu), Alcohol and pigment. It’s safe enough for entire of consumers.
 We developed the natural herb biotechnology-derived products to research anti-allergy for suitable entire of users.  Craving for the healthy balance of body、soul and mind in modern life which is our ideal concept and target.

Brand Story
JUYING started from a simple idea and dream.
It is to create and share good things to the world.
Based on ancient Oriental medical “Five Element” philosophy,
wood (liver), fire (heart), earth (spleen), gold (lung), and water (kidney)
which are mutually reinforcing that applied to modern aromatherapy.
Chinese traditional medicine is like a gigantic architecture,
not built by stones but built by long efforts of observations, practices, and cumulated skills.
It is an accumulated wisdom gained from thousands of years and thousands of therapist efforts.  
Using the power of ocean, plant healing bring people beauty, health, happiness, and confidence.
Essential oils are natural plant extracts refining treasure.
Having magical healing energy for person stays in pleasant mood and vitality.
Combine the conventional wisdom and aromatherapy to design the skincare products saint.
Allow people to fully relax, release pressure, and nourish the health and beauty from inside out.
The skin turns tender and delicate day by day shown the magic of youth shine.

Natural Botanical Essence Series
Nature is a treasure of human medicine
Provided us with the magical herbs and flowers
Form the basis of modern medicine
Herbs and essential oils is proved to have healing effects can help to relieve stress, promote health, strengthen the skin
And is good for the body, mind and spirit and help physically and mentally slow aging
Makes us confident and comfortable

Ocean Anti-Aging Series
Over the age of 25 use low-sensitive professional anti-aging formula

Great Ocean is our Taiwan conceived cradle
Deep sea energy to heal skin, below 600 meters
Deep sea water containing human body needs balanced minerals
Natural delicate pure, with extremely high skin affinity
Easily absorbed by the skin, its natural moisturizing ingredients
Forms a protective film on the skin surface, keeping the skin supple and shiny
Combined six-five peptides, peptide, yeast extract, m-tranexamic acid,
,B5, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e and other nutrients
Small maintenance can be ingredients penetrate to the skin
Solve problems such as rough, dry, sensitive skin
Activation of skin maintenance a new realm, let skin show
Pale, uniform, and translucent, fine Soft skin, face circulated new transparent light
Translucent skin: the newly developed anti wrinkle eye cream and eye serum and cheap mass.
Plumper skin: restoring facial firming resulting from years of depression.
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